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ASCAR / Days of Thunder / SCSA Mods ASCAR / Days of Thunder / SCSA Mods
Main Page for the ASCAR / DoT / SCSA Mods for N2003.
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ASCAR / DoT / SCSA Templates and Contig sheet ASCAR / DoT / SCSA Templates and Contig sheet
Download ASCAR / DoT / SCSA templates and contig sheet for use with the SCSA mods.
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SCSA Mod Renders Page SCSA Mod Renders Page
Main Renders page for each of the ASCAR/DoT/SCSA Mods
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V8 Thunder Online Racing - Visit Site

V8 Thunder

Europe-based online racing league with strong links to the SCSA series. Top team Torquespeed provide much of the hardware, with Online divisions of many real SCSA teams also competing. Friendly forums await should you fancy finding out more information about the league. 4 series for varying experience levels means anyone is welcome to race in this competetive, yet friendly environment. Also has links to download tracks including SCSA venues Rockingham (UK), and Eurospeedway Lausitz (Germany). Thanks for your support guys.

                                                 Visit Site

SCSA Racing - Visit Site

SCSA Racing - Official Site

Official site of the SCSA Racing Championship. News, articles, race reports and results on the fastest racing series in Europe. Be sure to check out the official forum, which is one of the most friendly and useful places to ask questions about the series and to find out information. Many drivers, crew, marshals, rescue crews, officials, and Rockingham's official spokesman Jeff Carter post there. You can catch me there under the name 'melonhead'.

                                                 Visit Site

Rockingham Motor Speedway - Visit Site

Rockingham Motor Speedway - Official Site

Official site of Rockingham Motor Speedway. Rockingham is the spiritual home of the SCSA Championship - with the majority of races in the series history being held at the venue near Corby, Northamptonshire, in England.

                                                 Visit Site

SCSA Racers - Visit Site

SCSA Racers

Unofficial site run by Mick Wiseman featuring news items, driver histories, championship history, paddock news and photos. Often the site has news exclusives so if you want to catch all the latest SCSA news then visit SCSA racers.

                                                 Visit Site


Motorsport Sims - Visit Site

Motorsport Sims

Site of Rockingham Motor Speedway (UK) for N2003 creator Simon Oxberry. Download the track for N2003 from this website. My work would be pretty much pointless without Simon's effort in creating the track at which most SCSA races have been held.

                                                 Visit Site

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