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Main Page for the ASCAR / DoT / SCSA Mods for N2003.
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ASCAR / DoT / SCSA Templates and Contig sheet. ASCAR / DoT / SCSA Templates and Contig sheet.
Download ASCAR / DoT / SCSA templates and contig sheet for use with the SCSA mods.
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Mods, Renders and Website by
Matt Scre
aton © 2005

SCSA Mods - The Aim...

The Aim...

Welcome to SCSA Mods. Here you will find all your ASCAR, Days of Thunder and SCSA Mods for NASCAR Racing 2003. The aim is to have a full documentation of the series from the first ASCAR test in 2000, all the way through to the present day's SCSA Racing championship. This is my first attempt at a proper home for my work, and is my first real website. I want this to be a home for SCSA in the N2003 community, and hope you'll all enjoy the effort I have put in, and continue to put in to spreading the word about Stock Car Racing in Europe through the sim-racing community.

                                                Regards, Matt Screaton

Author Informaion

Author Information

My name is Matt Screaton, and I'm from Sheffield in England. I first took a real interest in Stock Car Racing in 2001, after the Champ Car World Series came to Rockingham in England. The reason? ASCAR. These ASA type cars were supporting CART at The Rock, and I was very impressed by what I saw - as a result I became a regular spectator of the series from 2002. Having played N2002 and N2003 I decided to have a go at painting 1 or 2 of the ASCARs in 2003 with reasonable results. 1 or 2 became a few more, which soon became doing a full carset for the 2003 season. I also wanted to reflect the varying liveries the cars had during the season, so there was a fair amount of work involved - as well as developing ASCAR style templates for the cars. I released the 'ASCAR / Days of Thunder 2003' carset in February 2004 with BGN physics and original cup bodies - and I was very pleased with result, and from what I gather it was enjoyed in the community also. I then set about doing the 2004 mod. At this time I also became involved with paintscheme design for various people in the series and the #19 and #20 (rd 1) were designed by me. I spent from April 2004 until May 2005 working on the mod (although most work was done by Oct 04) and the result is 159 car files, some chassis and window graphics tweaks, brand new tyres and a brand new cockpit. The project has suffered numerous delays since October 2004, but after much anticipation it is now available to download. It is a vast improvement over the 03 carset, with more accurate liveries, scheme changes and templates - and is overall a far more polished product. An updated ASCAR / DoT 2003 mod v2 has now also been released. I have no special access to the SCSA paddock and spend much of each race day wandering around taking resource photos. I paint all the cars myself from scratch, barring a few original designs given to me from Mark Davison. All in all I'm just doing what I consider as my bit to spread the word about Stock Car Racing in Europe - and I enjoy doing it. I am immensely proud of what I have acheived in these mods - and hope you enjoy using them.

Project Status

Project Status

ASCAR Testing 2000 Mod - 0% Complete

ASCAR Mintex Cup 2001 Mod - 0% Complete

ASCAR Mintex Cup 2002 Mod - 20% Complete

ASCAR / Days of Thunder 2003 Carset - No Longer Available

ASCAR / Days of Thunder 2003 Mod v2 - Released

ASCAR / Days of Thunder 2004 Mod - Released

SCSA 2005 Mod - Released

UK Pickup Truck Racing Mod 2005 - Under Consideration                                                 

General Information

General Information

All the mods available at SCSA Mods are compatable only with NASCAR Racing 2003 Season by Papyrus. You must have the patch from Papyrus installed before installing any of the mods from this website. Full installation instructions car be found in each download packet. This website, and the files found herein are not supported by or affiliated with Sierra, Papyrus Racing Games, NASCAR, Rockingham, The SCSA, or the Days of Thunder Series. This website and the files found herein are provided “as is” with no warranties expressed or implied. The author will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly by the use of this website, or by downloaded files from this location. Files found on this site must not be distributed from any other location without prior written consent from the author.

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